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Labtronics was founded in 1991 by Dan Bedford and has remained a 100% Australian owned company. Dan identified a need for an independent service supplier to give option to laboratories and research institutes to turn to when manufactures no longer supported the items or costs became excessive.

The CSK Group

CSK Climatek

Over the years Labtronics has grown and some of its customers include Independent Pathology labs, Australian Red cross Blood service, Universities and government bodies.

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For many years Labtronics and CSK Group worked together on many fronts and in 2010 CSK Group acquired Labtronics to form CSK Labtronics. Since the coming together of the two companies their customers have been able to utilise the benefits of having a one stop shop for all Lab equipment service.

The future of CSK Labtronics is bright and we will continue to provide the high level of service and expertise as we always have with a broader knowledge base than before.