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Laboratory Equipment Service and Repair

Laboratory equipment service

At the CSK Group a vast array of laboratory equipment can be serviced and repaired by either our CSK Climatek or CSK Labtronics divisions.

Equipment that can be serviced and repaired by the CSK Labtronics Includes:

Blood Storage Refrigerators and Plasma Storage Freezers – Thermoline, Fiocchetti, Sanyo, Revco, Arrowsmith and Grant

Vaccine / Pharmacy Refrigerators – Thermoline, Sanyo, ICS

Ultralow Freezers – Revco, Forma, Ilshin, NuAire, Haier, Thermoline

Laboratory Refrigerators / Freezers – Thermoline, Revco, Sanyo

Comprehensive list of equipment that can be serviced and repaired by CSK Group.

Service Agents

The CSK Group are proud to be the nominated service agent for Thermoline products throughout QLD and NT.

All scientific and lab equipment supplied through CSK Scientific division is backed by a comprehensive warranty service.

This means that you can count on us to help you with all your product supply enquiries as well as any after sales service and support you require.

Warranty Services

All products manufactured and distributed by Thermoline have a minimum of 12 months warranty. CSK can assist you with any warranty enquiry you may have.

Service Enquiries

To speed up the service we can provide for you please obtain as much information as you can regarding your item.

  • Date of Purchase
  • Model Number
  • Serial Number
  • CSK Number

We can then quickly assist you with troubleshooting and diagnosing any issues you may be having.